Everglades Buffer Strip at Holiday Park

Griffin Road and U.S. Highway 27
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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The Everglades buffer strip demonstration site is nearly 105 acres of dense melaleuca and other invasive plants, such as Australian pine and Brazilianpepper, located along U.S. Highway 27 in Broward County.
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Chemical Treatments yellow square representing chemical treatment

About 50 acres along Route 27 received aerial chemical treatments. Four separate plots and nine subplots each received a different herbicide or mix of herbicides as follows:

Plot Treatment Details

Acreage treated Type of Treatment
11.0 Velpar
11.4 Garlon 3A
14.0 Arsenal-Rodeo mix
13.0 Rodeo

Subplot Treatment Details

(see map of site)
Type of Treatment
1 Arsenal-Rodeo mix
2 Arsenal
3 Rodeo
4 Garlon 3A
5 Garlon 4
6 Untreated; no stacking of leveled trees
7 Stacking of leveled trees
8 Biological control of stump regrowth
9 Untreated control plot (except for insecticide)

Mechanical Treatments white square representing mechanical treatment

Almost 15 acres received mechanical treatments as follows:

Acreage treated Type of Treatment
6.2 Leveled and chipped using a Barko chipper. The mulch remains on the site.
4.6 Leveled and stacked using a feller-buncher.
4.0 Standing trees chipped using a brontosaurus. The mulch remains on the site.

Biological Control Treatments light green square representing biological control

We released melaleuca psyllids (Boreioglycapsis melaleucae) on 0.34 acres. Melaleuca weevils are present here naturally as a result of earlier releases elsewhere.