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Chemical Treatments yellow square representing chemical treatment

A little more than nineteen acres were given aerial chemical treatments. Two aerial plots each received a different herbicide or mix of herbicides as follows:

Acreage treated Type of Treatment
7.5 Arsenal and Rodeo mix
12.0 Garlon 3A


We will treat 3.5 acres using hack and squirt with the following herbicides:

  • Arsenal
  • Rodeo
  • Arsenal-Rodeo mix

Cut/stump treatments were applied on 8.3 acres. The area was divided into nine subplots, each of which received a different herbicide or mix of herbicides on the cut stumps. 

Subplots 4 through 9 were treated by contractors with commercial herbicides.  Subplot 3 was treated with commercially-available consumer products. Subplots 1 and 2 were not treated with herbicides.

Cut Stump Subplot Treatment Details

Subplot (see site map) Type of Treatment
1 Biological control of stump regrowth
2 Untreated control plot (except for insecticide)
3 Stump demonstration using consumer products
4 Rodeo
5 Rodeo
6 Garlon 3A
7 Garlon 4
8 Arsenal
9 Arsenal-Rodeo mix

Mechanical Treatments white square representing mechanical treatment


Biological Control Treatments light green square representing biological control

We released melaleuca psyllids (Boreioglycapsis melaleucae) on 2.3 acres. Melaleuca weevils are already present here naturally as a result of earlier releases elsewhere.