Welcome to TAME Melaleuca

"Working together to provide a long-term solution for melaleuca in Florida"

T.A.M.E. Melaleuca! The Areawide Management and Evaluation of Melaleuca is an areawide pest management program designed to promote long-term, biologically-based management for the invasive melaleuca problem in southern Florida. Through partnerships with public agencies and private land managers, our goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for controlling melaleuca in the United States and beyond. 

TAME demonstration sites throughout South Florida showcase the combined effectiveness of multiple control tactics that IPM offers, with special emphasis on the use of biological control. Using demonstration site tours and other educational outreach activities, TAME Melaleuca provides land managers and property owners the information needed to apply these tactics to their own melaleuca infestations.


Systematic Reconnaissance Flights (SRFs) Data Available

SRFer Mapserver

An interactive mapserver of Systematic Reconnaissance Flight (SRF) data for Melaleuca and other invasive species. 

  • Browse historical SRF data for Melaleuca in Florida (1993-2005)
  • Browse, display and print SRF point data in Google Maps
  • Download .gif files for use in applications such as MS Word and Powerpoint
  • Download shapefiles for use in GIS applications
  • Global distribution data for Melaleuca coming soon!
  • Go to the TAME SFRer Mapserver