Help for South Florida Homeowners

Many public agencies responsible for managing Florida's natural resources have made melaleuca removal a priority, dedicating the funding and personnel to melaleuca management programs in parks, preserves, and conservation areas. Their diligence over the last two decades has resulted in a measurable reduction in melaleuca on public lands. However, that same level of commitment, funding and technical expertise is not always available for private lands. Melaleuca therefore remains a serious invasive threat in much of the state.

Fighting the melaleuca invasion in South Florida is a huge problem and much of the work falls on land owners and land managers of private land, especially those land owners adjacent to natural areas. Because of the small size and large quantity of seeds produced by melaleuca, the seeds are easily transported by wind and rain into natural areas from trees that would seem to be harmlessly located on private land.

There is a lot of information on this site, and it is designed to cover a wide range of audiences, so for homeowners we have provided some easy links.