Q: Is melaleuca mulch safe to use? Where can I get it?

A:  Yes, commercial, bagged melaleuca mulch has been composted thoroughly to kill viable seeds. It makes a good mulch because it does not float, it's long lasting, and it is not attractive to termites. It is also a good alternative to harvesting native cypress trees. As far as we know, Florimulch is the only commercially available melaleuca mulch. Sometimes it can be found in home and garden stores, or you can try contacting the producer directly. You'll find their website on our Links page (this is not an endorsement, just acknowledgement that this is currently the only source). Companies that mulch trees, such as tree-trimming companies, might be able to provide bulk melaleuca mulch, although the fineness of the mulch may vary. And be careful, it could contain viable seeds if it has not been properly composted.