Comparitive photographs for four of the TAME Melaleuca Project demonstration sites

This section contains descriptions of photographs taken over several years at four of the nine demonstrations sites for the TAME Melaleuca project. The purpose of the series of photographs is to show the changes over time caused by the various treatment methods employed at the sites.

The four sites are as follows:

Photopoint and Photograph Naming Convention


xx = two alphabetic character abbreviation for a site as follows:

cs = Corkscrew Swamp

hp = Holiday Park

pp = Prairie Pines

pc = Lake Worth

 yyy = the type of photograph as follows:

pp = horizontal shot at the bearing indicated

can = canopy shot

 ##x = the photopoint number and bearing:

## = the photopoint number. Photopoints at each site are numbered seqentially starting with 1

x = single alphabetic character designator for various bearing photographed at a given photopoint

 [n] = the photograph number


pp-pp18b means:

A photopoint at Prairie Pines

 pp-pp-18b-3.jpg means:

The third photograph taken at the above photopoint