Evaluation - Demonstration Sites

Project Summary

This four-year project will evaluate the socio-economic effects of Melaleuca reduction in south Florida, the economics of specific Melaleuca management practices, and the economic and sociological influences affecting adoption of the integrated management practices promoted by the areawide project.

Project Objectives

  1. Cost-benefit analysis of control strategies. Full costs and benefits for the various Melaleuca control treatments being investigated (herbicides, mechanical, biological) will be evaluated for both managed and natural habitats, to determine the least-cost control strategies for a given situation.
  2. Regional economic impact assessment of Melaleuca reduction. Changes in the regional economy of South Florida attributable to changes in the extent of Melaleuca infestation will be evaluated under scenarios with and without adoption of the recommended control strategies.
  3. Evaluation of public perceptions of Melaleuca control. The interest and willingness-to-pay for control of Melaleuca will be assessed through an initial baseline survey of residents of South Florida, and a follow-up survey at the end of the project.
  4. Assessment of adoption of recommended strategies by land managers. The likelihood of adoption of recommended strategies for Melaleuca control by public and private land managers will be assessed through baseline and follow-up surveys.